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Born in Alabama and raised in Northern California, I first moved to Florence in 1999 after a degree Political Science at the College of Charleston. I then studied Italian Literature—with an emphasis on Dante’s Purgatorio—at the graduate level, and completed an exciting 800-hour journey through Florence’s art and history to become a licensed guide for the city and province. I am the former Managing Editor of The Florentine news magazine, as well as a lecturer on contemporary Italian culture at several local American and British universities.

I am passionately enthusiastic about the city’s past and present and love to share my knowledge with short- and long-term visitors. I believe in sustainable travel, in taking a slower look and connecting with the history, art and culture of a place to create a meaningful experience that will hopefully ignite the desire to continue learning even after your trip is over. Beyond the museums and churches it is also about exploring the rhythms of life in contemporary Florence, which can often mean seeking out the city’s most unique cafes, eateries, bookshops, gardens, artisan workshops and more.

Constantly on the hunt for different ways to explore my city, I am always open to new ideas and itineraries. Please let me know what your special interests are and I will happily tailor a walk or a visit expressly for you.


My logo was designed by Betty Soldi, Photos by Marco Badiani.

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